Hello & Welcome to MozieMo !

I’m Rachel Leigh (also known as) “Ray Ray” according to family & a few close friends.

Life is beautiful & in this space I will share bits & pieces of mine with you. Family is my biggest inspiration of all! I love to document precious moments in life through photography. I am an interior designer. I have a passion for art, music, travel, & good food.  I am a Lover of Love. My Chihuahua “Kocomo” (whom also goes by) “Mozie, Cozy-Ka-Mozie, Mr. Precious, Mr.Velvet-Ear”…. oh the list goes on, but it is HE who is my endless little bundle of love & who this blog is inspired by. If you can’t already tell I’m obsessed & I really LOVE him a lot, a lot!

If you don’t like animals or don’t like to celebrate life’s simple joys, then this space isn’t for you, but if you do then please Mozie on…..I’m more than thrilled you’re here & thanks for following along !