Photography has been a passion of mine since I can remember. Being the oldest sister of 3 girls, I have memories of sneaking into my dads office & grabbing the polaroid off the shelf to snap photos of my younger sisters, “say cheese” I would say, then we would all wait anxiously as we watched the grey photo that popped out to come to life….

I had my fair share of disposable cameras as a child & I would  beg my mother to take me to have them developed as soon as I snapped the last photo.  It was always so exciting to see how they would come out ! My mother gave me my first film camera one year for Christmas & I couldn’t have been more excited. I went through rolls of film like crazy capturing any & everything. Every trip into town for groceries also required a trip to the local 1- hour photo, double prints were a must just in case I had to give any away. I just couldn’t bear the thought of giving away one of my photos without an original copy for myself. I started collecting Albums & Prints. At home I would do make-shift photo shoots with my sisters & best friends, creating back drops with props & bright lights with fans to make our hair blow in the wind, things got pretty serious in those days & most of those photos from back then are priceless.

Not much has changed, I still enjoy capturing moments in my life that are most precious to me from behind the lens of a camera. So much about the process is different now. We have reached the digital age, technology is rapidly changing & enhancing everyday. If you take a photo you dislike you can just delete it & with a push of a button its gone forever. Sometimes that delete button is a little too close for comfort for me, especially when pressed by accident!  I recently deleted an entire vacation album of mine by accident & tears fell like rain. After some seriously hard praying & investigating I was able to retrieve those photos but not all, some are still lost, luckily I got most of them back. There really  is something to be said about the days of disposables, film, 1-hour photo & dark rooms . Although those days are not completely gone, like most I’ve joined the rest of the world in digital photography. 

I will forever thank my mother for supporting the interest/obsession I had as a child & for those countless trips to the 1-hour photo.  My love & passion for photography is a hobby that started in my adolescent years that I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. I hope that when I am older I can use these photos as a reflection of my life & hold them as tangible evidence that all these precious moments I hold so close to my heart actually occurred.

All the photos here on MozieMo are original. To see more you can visit my VSCO Photography page here at or also by using the direct link in my homepage.

For bookings feel free to contact me at MozieMo@Gmail.Com I am more than happy to work together to customize a session based on individual needs. I love photographing Weddings, Engagements, Bridals, Maternity, Newborn, & any other type of life event.