The wild horses of Corolla

After our visit at Currituck we drove just a little further to the northern shores of Corolla, where it is said that Colonial Spanish Mustangs roam free. The horses are lost colony descendants which arrived in the early 16th century along with the Spanish explorers/colonizers. In previous centuries there were thousands of these wild mustangs roaming the full length of the outer banks. Since then the Outer Banks has transformed from a remote place where few ever visited to a popular & developed vacation destination & their population has dwindled. The remaining herd can mainly be found on the stretch of narrow land & northern shores of Corolla up to the Virginia border. So we set out on a little family safari in search of the legendary mystical creatures. Just as the sun was setting we walked the shore & searched the dunes high & low. We were truly in awe of what we found. This was a magical evening that I will never forget.

Our search was a success !! After about an hour of walking the beach & searching the dunes, just as we were about to call it a night & a little bummed we hadn’t yet crossed paths with the wild horses this guy blessed us with his presence just over one of the dunes. It was truly magical ! He wandered about so peacefully & with such grace. The horses in my opinion are an integral part of what makes the Outer Banks so Special. Though they are wild, they are protected by North Carolina laws & The Corolla Wild Horse Fund. If you think they are as magnificent as I do, you can help protect them HERE. I hope these horses stay protected for years to come.