In Corolla, also known as Currituck, tucked away in the trees you’ll find the Historic Currituck Light House. This Natural brick, Never painted, Lighthouse is in such a gorgeous setting on the Outer Banks. It is impeccably well kept & open for climbing to the top reaching 162 feet tall. Like the other lighthouses on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Currituck Beach Lighthouse still serves as aid in navigation. The beacon comes on automatically every evening at dusk & ceases at dawn. With a 20-second flash cycle the light can be seen for 18 nautical miles (about 21 land miles). Currituck Beach lighthouse was the last major brick lighthouse built on the Outer Banks.  We were up for the challenge  of climbing to the top. 220 stairs later the sprawling views did NOT disappoint here are some photos from our adventure at Currituck.


Make A WishAll the way Up We Go

Looking down . . . .

We made it !! 

I just loved the Keepers House Victorian Style Dwelling it was ever so charming.

And that’s a wrap on our Currituck Lighthouse adventures.

Stay tuned for OBX part 5 “Where The Wild Things Are” Featuring the Wild Spanish Mustangs of Corolla.