Family Vacation Summer 2016 

This Summer my Family & I took a Vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Outer Banks islands are made up of quaint towns & charming communities, its unlike any beach on the east coast. I couldn’t be more grateful for this trip & the memories we made during that week in June. Spending time with family always fills my soul with so much love & gratitude. I am so happy I get to call them mine. From our lazy beach days, and all of our adventures to gathering around the table for dinner, sharing stories & many many laughs. This is a trip that I will cherish & hold dear to my heart for all of time. It was by far the highlight of my Summer. I live for moments like these . . . .

1st Stop Jockeys Ridge

 Kitty Hawk Kite Festival at Jockey’s Ridge

Before our trip my sister & I had done enough research to know that Jockey’s Ridge was a must see. This place is truly remarkable. If you are ever in the Nags Head area do yourself a favor & go check out Jockey’s Ridge. You will not be disappointed. Just make sure to take water with you if you are visiting in the warmer months. The desert-like temperatures are no joke.

Scientists believe that the barrier islands of the Outer Banks were remains of the last Ice Age, which ended about 12,000 years ago. Thats pretty cool if you ask me. They have also concluded that Jockey’s Ridge itself came into being about 7,000 years ago. The process of how this came about is unclear; however, scientists believe that minerals such as quartz were washed from the mountains of the state to the ocean, creating sand. This sand was pushed onto the beaches of the area by storms & hurricanes & was eventually blown onto the area that is now known as Jockey’s Ridge.

Jockey’s ridge is a 426 -acre state park in Nags Head that includes the tallest active sand dune system in the eastern United States & contains three unique ecosystems, the roanoke sound, the dune system, & the maritime forest. Jockey’s Ridge is nothing short of AMAZING. I was in awe of all the Natural Beauty it possessed.

On the 1st day we arrived in the outer banks Kitty Hawk Kites was setting up shop on top of the dunes in Jockey’s Ridge to display 30-100 ft kites & offering up free stunt kite lessons for the Annual Rogallo Kite Festival to celebrate Francis Rogallo a NASA scientist & the inventor of the flexible wing. His inventions started the sport of hang gliding & his designs have carried over into stunt kites, power kites, and hang gliders that are flown today. The kites were a spectacular site to see flying high above the dunes. Here are some photos I was able to snap of the very impressive & biggest kites I’ve ever seen.img_5388