Celebrating Tiny Victories

Brunch at TINYS

Over the weekend I celebrated a personal achievement. For the past eight weeks I had been fully dedicated to a fitness regimen & challenge that I completed on friday. I considered this a TINY victory so I decided the best way to celebrate would be with breakfast waffles or pancakes at a little place called TINYS in Tribeca. Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs is ever so charming, my old soul immediately fell in love with the whimsical details found inside the restaurant. The building itself its an old three story townhouse that dates back to 1810 with restored original materials. The finished brick, two-toned antique wallpaper, original tin ceilings, salvaged wood paneling & custom banquettes made for the coziest dining experience. I can’t wait to go back. I ordered the Sweet & Savory Whole Wheat Waffles, Served with House made Breakfast Sausage, Soft Scramble & Maple Syrup. This plate hit the spot 100% So YUMMY.   The decor was filled with pieces dating back as far as 100 years. How cool is this vintage mailbox.  The back dining room is equipped with a wood burning fireplace in the center & lights that are embedded in the original brick.  It is safe to say I will be paying TINYS another visit in my near future. As the weather begins to change & become colder I can’t imagine a cozier place to be than in that back dining room by the fireplace. I see more Savory Waffles in my future.

Farm Fresh

T.S Smith & Sons is an 800 acre family-owned farm located in Bridgeville, Delaware. On a recent road trip of mine I was more than pleased to stumble upon this farm. The packing house in bridgeville is the oldest in the state dating back to 1928 with vintage equipment that is still in use today! The packing house is also the main location for their farm market where you will find fresh fruits & veggies in a small room filled with jams, jellies, local honey & their famous apple butter, apple sauce & apple cinnamon donuts !!

I am a huge supporter of local farms in fact if I had it my way I would NEVER shop at a super market. Being raised in North Carolina community-supported agriculture was a way of life. Agriculture is the backbone to our economic system & the reasons to support your local farms are endless. Family farmers need our support. Buying directly gives them a better return for their produce not to mention most of the food found in grocery stores these days is highly processed & grown using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, & genetic modification. Do your body a favor & nourish it with freshness many of our farmers go through great lengths to grow the most nutritious produce possible. The food you buy at the farmers market is seasonal always fresh & delicious & reflects the truest flavors.

Here are a few photos from my pit-stop at T.S Smith & SONS

Asparagus my personal favorite.

Quaint & Country

The Greenhouse

My Selection Road Trip Snacking at its best !!!! I don’t know what it was about those green bean chips but I am surprised they lasted longer than a day so so good.

Honestly these were Freshest & Juiciest Strawberries I’ve had in a long time. They were a real treat.

T.S Smith & Sons is home to many crops from their Apple Orchards to Peaches, Sweet Corn, Cantaloupe, Nectarines, Pumpkins, Watermelons, Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Turnips, Asparagus, Sweet Cherries, & Collards. This is a real farm that produces real fresh top quality fruits & vegetables. I was more than impressed & grateful to have had the chance to visit this lovely establishment.

Matcha Mondays

My love for ceremonial grade matcha is nothing new. I love having an alternative option to my regular espresso or latte because lets face it by the time Monday morning rolls around or any morning for that matter, a little added energy to our day goes a long way. My morning ritual usually starts with a cup of something warm, its mindful & soothing. As much as I love my morning coffee I do like to give my body a break from time to time. There are many reasons why swapping out your coffee for a matcha beverage is beneficial, amongst its many health benefits Matcha is packed with antioxidants, it boost metabolism,  detoxifies,  calms,  enhances mood & aids in concentration, need  I say more …. Today I am sharing my BulletProof style Matcha. I have mentioned bulletproof before over on the New York Etsy blog that I contribute to. I love the bulletproof style so much that I carried it over to my cup of Matcha. Here is how I do it.

 I start with quality Matcha from PANATEA. You can order from them here.

One Scoop of Perfect Matcha. This vibrant green powder is 100% pure tea leaf. I love that you consume the full health benefits of the entire leaf not just what is left over from steeping tea.

Press down with bamboo whisk to break down the powder.

Add 3 oz of hot water at 180 degrees & whisk briskly in a W or M motion until frothy layer forms on surface.

Pour contents into a blender adding one teaspoon of Ghee & one teaspoon of Coconut Oil.

I use this GHEE & this Coconut Oil.


And thats it ! One Cup of Perfect Bulletproof Matcha.

Now Sip Up, Zen Out & Reap the benefits. 🙂